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    Adrian Schlag Tribal Art Classics
    31 rue des Minimes
    T. +49(0) 172 80 41 744
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    Adrian Schlag Tribal Art Classics

    Activité : Antique dealer  
    Adrian Schlag, dealer in tribal art for nearly twenty years. Started in Cologne, Germany, worked with Philippe Guimiot, Brussels for three years and operates now by appointment from his Brussels gallery. Participating in the BRUNEAF and Parcours-des-Mondes fairs in the last years, he published five catalogues: "Tribal Art Classics ?I?, ?II?, ?Batak?, ?IV?and ?V?. Adrian specializes in high quality objects of African and Oceanic Art, with good provenance.
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    Products of Adrian Schlag Tribal Art Classics

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    Adrian Schlag Tribal Art Classics - bouclier, mengen - Shield

    bouclier, mengen

    Shield, Mengen New Britain H.: 144.5 cm Photo © F. Dehaen - Studio R. Asselberghs Object presented ...

    Price upon request

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