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VOss Etienne Rey & Laurent Le Bourhis

VOSS is a studio of artistic creation.
Experimental workshop - Office - Structure of production Étienne Rey and Laurent Le Bourhis, founding artists of VOSS, combine their skills and their approach to accompany each project, the study of matter to the installation of the work in situ.

An experimental workshop is at the centre of the creative process: from raw materials - resins, paper, acrylic, glass, polymers - Étienne Rey and Laurent Le Bourhis develop in the continuity of their artistic approach respective of textures in which transparency, reflections, broadcasts of light are a new sensitive dimension.

It is for every project to involve bright compositions in space. Framing, circulations, reports of volumes establish own dynamics and a strong interaction between the place and the installation.

Magnify the light to reveal the perception of the

Ambiences & References from Voss Etienne Rey & Laurent Le Bourhis

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