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    27 place de la Madeleine
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    110 rue Olivier de Serres - 75015 Paris ---OUVERTURE LE 4 Avril 2016


    Activités : Designer  , Wholesaler, Interior designer  , Design agency  , Dealer
    ANSWERDESIGN offers a unique vision of design. It feeds on signs of past and present time for better to lay the foundations of his own universe. Constantly shaping livable stories which question and reveal a personal presence in the world. Our core business: the design of furniture & objects in limited series and one-offs, the interior decoration, commercial architecture and urban planning. Creations demanding at the crossroads between art, design and craft. Our experiences with breast of great cities such as Milan, New York or London allows us to work all styles, from the classic to the contemporary. Our fees vary according to the importance of expertise ranging from the Advisory mission to the full mission of master d ' work. ANSWERDESIGN > a need and a desire to invent stories unique & exciting.
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    Products of Answerdesign

    (15 Produits)
    ANSWERDESIGN - tuléo - Bedroom


    Designer : Charlie MAMIE

    Tuléo is aimed at the hesthete of the habitat who, beyond its functionality alone appreciates its ...

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN - aéro - Double Bed


    Designer : Charlie MAMIE

    Aero's generous comfort and dynamic aesthetic make it a sculptural bed that doesn't just invite ...

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN - n'goka kbl2 - Lectern

    n'goka kbl2

    Designer : Charlie MAMIE

    A complete form of artistic expression, the "Gwoka" is a philosophy of life where art constitutes a ...

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN - jouba - Lounge Chair


    Designer : Charlie MAMIE

    A line full of curves for total rest... At the same time sober and elegant, functional and

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN - altéa - Modular Bookcase


    Designer : Charlie MAMIE

    Structure a large room, wake up an interior, optimize the use of space... The Altéa polyfunctional

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN - ondine t3 - Original Form Coffee Table

    ondine t3

    Designer : Charlie MAMIE

    With its curly, cursing lines, Ondine reveals a sensual and organic image that suggests a natural ...

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN - finéa & filéo - Reading Lamp

    finéa & filéo

    Designer : Charlie MAMIE

    Discretion, simple and essential lines, slender look, this line will seduce lovers of simple and ...

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN - ondine t2 - Table

    ondine t2

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN -  - Table
    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN - lyannaj' led - Table Lamp

    lyannaj' led

    Designer : Charlie MAMIE

    Under a falsely classic look, the Lyannaj'Led lamp imposes a resolutely design presence through a ...

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN - flavor - Tea Cup


    Designer : Charlie MAMIE

    Flavor tea cups blend styles and dare to fancy to better release delicate aromas. A special moment, ...

    Price upon request
    ANSWERDESIGN -  - Tea Cup
    Tea cup
    Price upon request

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