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Galerie de Souzy

On September 1, 2001, Pierre de SOUZY and his son Pierre-Edouard, started up their new art dealer showrooms in the Place Beauvau, situated at the heart of Paris¹ most prestigious art market area.

Opened in 1973, L'Aigle Impériale (The Imperial Eagle) was for more than 25 years the prime address for collectors from around the world of medieval weapons, armor or historic souvenirs of the highest quality, to visit, thus allowing Pierre de SOUZY to gain an international reputation.

Today he is one of the foremost experts in this field. Coming from a very old military family that has served France for centuries, he started in the antique business in 1964.

Opened in 1985, Le Sphinx (The Sphinx) antique showroom, situated at 104 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, gave him room to expand his business to include paintings, sculptures and art objects. Pierre-Edouard de SOUZY, a specialist in 19th and 20th century paintings and sculptures, took over the running of the showroom in 1996.

The two businesses have now been regrouped in new showrooms. Collectors can now travel there to follow the history trail among the different themes that the composition of the showrooms on four levels evokes. Taking in the splendors of the Imperial age, to the displays of the Second Empire and of the Belle Epoque, and including a collection of art pieces chosen with expert care.

On the first and upper floors, a very large selection of paintings painted between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 20th century depict the main influences of that period, ranging from Orientalism to Neo-Classicism or from Romanticism to historic subjects :

A large range of animal sculptures, along with artists works who dedicated their talents to depicting Eternal Womanhood.

Furniture dating from the 18th and 19th century periods, carefully selected for their style, and elegantly displayed.

The basement showroom is entirely given over to a collection of historic art objects which mostly date from the 1st Empire period, as well as to a collection of ancient weapons and medieval armor. It also includes a large collection of pistols, rifles, swords and documents dating from all periods which will permit even the most demanding specialists room to satisfy their passion for military art. Pride of place in the collection is given over to Emperor Napoleon 1st through his role in history as represented in art.

Ambiences & References from Galerie De Souzy

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Products of Galerie De Souzy

  • Antique

    Galerie de Souzy - l'aiglon, buste en terre cuite - Bust Sculpture

      l'aiglon, buste en terre cuite

    Designer : Goldscheider par Louis OURY

    Price upon request
  • Antique

    Galerie de Souzy - cassette en marqueterie boulle - Cassette

      cassette en marqueterie boulle

    Designer : Prosper ROUSSEL

    Price upon request
  • Antique

    Galerie de Souzy - paire de torchères - Garden Torch

      paire de torchères
    Price upon request
  • Antique

    Galerie de Souzy - ensemble canapé et quatre chaises - Living Room

      ensemble canapé et quatre chaises
    Price upon request
  • Antique

    Galerie de Souzy - retraite de russie - Oil On Canvas And Oil On Panel

      retraite de russie

    Designer : Jan VAN CHELMINSKI

    Price upon request
  • Antique

    Galerie de Souzy - rondache italienne du xvième - Shield

      rondache italienne du xvième
    Price upon request
  • Antique

    Galerie de Souzy - panneau aux armes de napoléon ier - Wood Panel

      panneau aux armes de napoléon ier
    Price upon request