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SentoSphère / Funfrag in a few words: in 1989, Véronique Debroise creates SentoSphère, with for purpose to share his passion for offering them to educate their sense of smell and fragrance by awakening their senses with original boxes to children as to adults,:-olfactory games: Lotto smells, my organ to perfumes, Collection secret, the Spice Route - discovered wine : Bacchanalia - awakening to the taste: Le Kiosque candy Gourmets novelty school: can make in a jiffy, innovative recipes, texture agents, flavours and proposed utensils novelty flavors Lotto: helps children to develop their gustatory sense by tasting, without preconceptions, 30 original flavors in the form of micro dietetic candy.
Fruits, spices, dairy products, flowers,' are to be discovered at parties where all generations can enjoy themselves and confront their experiences or memories.

-Awakening to the environment: the powers of water - workshops of candles: candle & perfumes, candle Crystal, candle en fête - Kits cosmetics: Gel & bath foam, soaps & fragrances, soaps for artists, creams & scents in 2004, Véronique Debroise creates Fun Frag aimed to offer boxes to develop the artistic sense in exercising to: - understand colors with Aquarellum, junior Aquarellum, Sablimage - develop dexterity with Patarev, ZigZagZoo novelty and Mosaic 'Art News - discover the world of fashion and jewellery with workshops of the Diam's, jewelry in madness, madness, madness, Fashion Bag these cabinets rings Bracelets are addressed to all those who are looking for fun, complete but economic, ecological as possible, in order to achieve lower cost of pretty objects.

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