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Luc Perron

Luc Perron designs and manufactures its furniture in St. - Cyr in France. A strong neoclassical inspiration, where symbolism and imagination are closely intertwined, emerges from the entire collection. Collection of furniture to compose yourself: 20 friezes in various styles, and 5 bases (Louis XVI, shapely, crosse, Gustavian, baroque).

Ambiences & References from Luc Perron

  • Luc Perron Table lamp Lamps Lighting : Indoor  |
  • Luc Perron Headboard Bedheads Furniture Beds  |
  • Luc Perron Built in kitchen Fitted kitchens Kitchen Equipment  |
  • Luc Perron Radiator cover Radiators House Equipment  |
  • Luc Perron Children's table lamp Children's lighting Children's corner  |
  • Luc Perron Bull's eye window Windows Doors and Windows  |
  • Luc Perron Stool Footstools and poufs Seats & Sofas  |

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Newsletter with a circulation of Luc Perron

  • Lighting : Indoor - 02/2017

  • Lighting : Indoor - 02/2016