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Cocopely.com is an online store that offers you design tables for the interior decoration of the house and business with a choice of colors, and graphics in various sizes and unconventional. Originality and modernity, are the hallmarks of a designer from the decorative arts and affiliated with "the French alliance of designers' passion for modern and contemporary decor. Our paintings on canvas to bring your wall decor of your home and the nursery of character and a non-conformity. For the manufacture of our contemporary paintings, we use digital printing in high definition from a synthetic fabric with natural inks guaranteeing sustainable development. With this method, it gives a high quality and precision. The tables are mounted by us on a wooden frame (canvas set with peaks forged black steel and tense ideally with wooden keys), with the option management "box in the U.S." that add value to your space better inside. All our designs are handcrafted and made ​​in France.

Ambiences & References from Cocopely

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Products of Cocopely

  • Cocopely - cupidon - Children's Picture


    Designer : Bertrand BRUN

    179 € approx.
  • Cocopely - liner - Contemporary Painting


    Designer : Bertrand BRUN

    Avant-garde painting in vibrant colors and contrasting demarcations. Immerse yourself in the world ...

    179 € approx.