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    Ak47 design
    Via Postale Vecchia 37
    Olginate (LC)
    T. +39 (0)341-286547
    F. +39 (0)341-291627
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    Ak47 Design

    Activités : Manufacturer, Designer  
    The artists of Ak47 propose products that are docile, innovative, effective and efficient. Products that are currently on the international scene of design are repetitive, all very similar, one chasing the other. The themes they deal with are too often identical, and research and innovation are frequently neglected. The vision of Ak47 is designer and produce furnishing accessories fleeing obviousness and venturing into unexplored issues. The objective is to provide shades to simple objects, improve them and anchor them the quest for a particular process, innovative use of materials and attention to detail. It was this way allowing the escape to ephemeral fashion and achieve lasting elegance. Wood Management is the first theme undertook Ak47, but we wanted to extend our range as much as possible to cover an infinite range of possibilities. Our

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    Products of Ak47 Design

    (4 Produits)
    Ak47 design -  - Brazier

    Toast designed by Ak47 is a beautiful brazo. Design and art come together to make, even fire, a ...

    Ak47 design - ercole - Brazier Table

    Ercole is a outdoor wood-burning fire pit. It is born by the union of two raw materials – the steel ...

    Price upon request
    Ak47 design -  - Brazier Table
    Brazier table
    Price upon request
    Ak47 design -  - Brazier Table
    Brazier table

    Is there anything more comfortable and original than sitting around the fire at night? With the AK47 ...


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