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Based in Paris for 15 years, Fiorellino company builds of passion and of its founder - Marc Lehmann - natural to design bespoke landscape projects. Each year, the nature of gardens and terraces charm made by Fiorellino participates in the development of housing. Serving individuals and businesses, Fiorellino optimizes the urban Outlook, dress up private spaces and develops the city-nature balance. Experience, in collaboration with architects and decorators, Fiorellino contributes to the be spaces and plants, ensures the harmony of materials and textures and strengthens the elegance of style.Landscape designer, Marc Lehmann is distinguished by its look. He traveled with the spirit of the meaning and combines the pleasures with the environment. Beyond modes, it animates the atmospheres and dialogue with lines, the scents, the sounds, the colors.Marc Lehmann transforms the gardens and terraces in SOE

Ambiences & References from Fiorellino

  • FIORELLINO    Balcony-Terrace | Cottage
  • FIORELLINO    Balcony-Terrace | Design Contemporary

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