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    Tuilerie Pujo
    Avenue du Languedoc
    T. 04 68 57 82 27
    F. 04 68 57 88 20
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    Tuilerie Pujo

    Activité : Manufacturer
    The know-how of the Tuilerie PUJO for creating and perpetuating the above house ornaments has endured for the past four generations, in the heart of the French Pyrénées. Starting with a select choice from the best clays, in order to archieve durability and assure quality, this noble material is shaped and finished in its original earthen tone or highlighted with vivid color crystals, in the purest Mediterranean tradition. all manufacturing steps are treated by human hands. All curves, engravings, motif markings and designs are given life by experienced masters in these techniques.
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    Products of Tuilerie Pujo

    (4 Produits)
    Tuilerie Pujo -  - Gargoyle

    These gargoyles with carved heads, boldly standing up, these terracotta creations integrate ...

    Price upon request
    Tuilerie Pujo -  - Gutter

    Our gutters (cheneaux), from the earth, proudly emphasize the roofs, they integrate harmoniously in ...

    Price upon request
    Tuilerie Pujo -  - Roof Ornament
    Roof ornament

    Epis (or punches) assembled according to the tastes of each in multiple combinations will affirm all ...

    Price upon request
    Tuilerie Pujo -  - Ventilation Grille
    Ventilation grille

    Coming from the land, our ventilation grids will be integrated with great harmony in the ...

    Price upon request

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