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    Forge de Laguiole
    Route de L' Aubrac - B.P. 9
    T. 05 65 48 43 34
    F. 05 65 44 37 66
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    Boutique à Paris : 29, Rue Boissy d'Anglas 75008 Paris (métro Madeleine) tél.: +33 (0)140060975
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    Forge De Laguiole

    Activités : Manufacturer, Cutler  
    THE "FORGE LAGUIOLE" KNIFE IS THE ONLY ONE WHOSE BLADE IS FORGED IN LAGUIOLE. The Forge de Laguiole manufacture began in 1987. It is the culmination of a project of enthusiasts that will relaunch in Laguiole, the manufacture of the Laguiole knife. The design of this manufacture is entrusted to Philippe Starck and reflects perfectly the philosophy of the company: combine tradition and creation. The architecture of glass and aluminum, hence rushes a blade of 18 meters high, symbolizes the activity and dynamism of the company. Therefore, all stages of manufacture of the knife are again made on its place of origin; This is the rebirth of the knife: the return of the Laguiole in Laguiole. «Laguiole, the large blade of Philippe Starck, out of the roof of the factory Forge de Laguiole, seems cut cloud and draw in the Aveyron sky L capital and capital who signs all knives that is going on here». Since then Forge de Laguiole has constantly to evolve its production while respecting the legacy of yesteryear know-how. The small knife of local custom, today became an object of worship, reference design and synonymous with Art of living. Forge of Laguiole is sold in five boutiques in France (including three designed by Philippe Starck), see the list on the site.

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    Products of Forge De Laguiole

    (3 Produits)
    Forge de Laguiole - coffret de 6 - Table Knife

    coffret de 6

    The Tradition Forge de Laguiole® range of table knives is the perfect combination of traditional ...

    Forge de Laguiole - coffret deux couteaux - Table Knife
    Table knife

    The Tradition Forge de Laguiole® range of table knives is the perfect combination of traditional ...

    Forge de Laguiole - signature set de 2 - Table Knife
    Table knife

    Designer : Andrée Putman

    Fall in love with these magnificent table knives from the Signature range designed by Andrée Putman ...


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