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Atelier Follaco

Frank Follaco (painter, Designer) and Mara Montessoro (decorator on tiles) are the creators of interiors, they realize the decorations of walls, floors and ceilings with intent artistic, ecological and avant-garde, with the implementation of contemporary materials (waxed concrete, marmorino stucco Pearl, imitation metal etc.), high-quality decorative painting and craft production of tiles delivered marmorino treated for kitchens and bathrooms. Design of custom projects with presentation of models, colors on measurement, free quote. Courses for individuals and professionals.

Ambiences & References from Atelier Follaco

  • Atelier Follaco Fresco Wall decorations Ornaments  |
  • Atelier Follaco Wall tile Wall tiles Walls & Ceilings  |
  • Atelier Follaco Antique tile Floor tiles Flooring  |

Products of Atelier Follaco

Newsletter with a circulation of Atelier Follaco

  • Art and Ornaments - 06/2016

  • Walls & Ceilings - 02/2016