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    22 rue de Trémoille
    T. +33142663636
    F. 01 42 66 45 63
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    Boutique HAVILAND 6 rue Royale - 75008 PARIS - tél.: 01 40 06 91 08 fax 01 42 66 61 21
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    Activité : Manufacturer
    A 100% MADE IN LIMOGES PRODUCTION Haviland remains one of the few porcelain makers to assure that 100% of its production is entirely made in Limoges; from production to decoration. AN ANCESTRAL SAVOIR-FAIRE Men and women working in the Haviland manufacturer become real storytellers by shaping the matter and mastering the fire. Since 1842, their meticulous movements give the kaolin its magnificence. Thanks to this great passion passed on through generations, the artisans tell us beautiful stories starting from plain, white pieces. Their artfully designed shapes are real feast for the eyes, ears and touch. Before receiving the prestigious Haviland Limoges France trademark, the matter has to undergo the fire, with a temperature reaching 1400°C. Then, the enameling gives the piece its exceptional brilliance and its translucent aspect. Finally, magicians of gold and colors give life to the imaginations of the greatest artists with this unique savoir-faire, owned uniquely by the craftsmen of Haviland.

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    Produits vendus par Haviland

    (7 Produits)
    Haviland - set de 6 - Coffee Spoon

    set de 6

    Sold by 6, Carat collection, tea spoon or coffee. Dimensions 14.5cm.

    Haviland - lurçat coffret de 4 - Dessert Plate

    lurçat coffret de 4

    Designer : Wilmotte

    Diam dessert plate / 22.5cm. Black Mica , White.

    Haviland - océan bleu - Mug
    Océan Bleu

    Océan Bleu, Diam 7 cm.

    57 € approx.
    Haviland - ocean bleu - Serving Plate
    Ocean Bleu

    Ocean Blue, cameo of deep blues. Elegant.


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