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    Laguiole Le Fidele
    Contact details
    Z.I. Les Hautes (Route de Ravel)
    T. 04 73 73 22 22
    F. 04 73 73 22 20
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    Laguiole Le Fidele

    Activity : Manufacturer
    The FIDELE Coutellerie was founded in 1991 by Isabelle and Yvan Boitel who have always adopted a quality policy on their knives. At its beginnings, the Brand au Chien specialized in the artisanal manufacture of the mythical knife "Le Laguiole", and quickly turned it into original models, which is why today the Coutellerie LE FIDELE still presents its famous "Dodus", "Laguiole mitre Alu" or its "Turned Platinums". A present, the Le FIDELE Cutlery presents many models of knives, from Laguiole to knives from regions such as Thiers, Pradel or the Basque Yatagan. It is innovative with its "Engravings" and "Marqueteries" models obtained thanks to its laser, derived from a state-of-the-art technology which it was the first to equip itself nearly 14 years ago. Since February 2008, the Coutellerie LE FIDELE has been taken over by the son of its creators, Thomas Boitel, who wants to maintain the same quality policy in order to preserve the authenticity of artisanal cutlery.
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