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    BREDA ALTA 15 2
    T. 00 39 30 99 75 094
    F. 00 39 30 97 59 721
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    Riccardo Dalisi

    Activities :
    Born in Potenza in 1931 he soon moved to Naples. Since 1969 he has been senior lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture. Amongst his Architectural Projects we quote his reconstruction contributions following the Irpinia earthquake, and his recent works on church buildings. He studied the relationship between school typology and didactics. He was part of the radical avant-guard. In his design projects he always transposes the abilities and imagination of the Napoletan artisans as well as the spontaneous creativity of young people. See the studies on the Napoletan coffeepot resulting in an object for Alessi, (Compasso d'Oro 1981). Having studied ''Gaud'', he published in 1978 the volume ''Gaud: mobili e oggetti''. At an idustrial level he designed for Zabro, for Baleri, for Vanini; whereas in terms of art objects he designed for Tendenze, Eschenbach, Ritzenhoff, Cleto, Munari, Glass. Since 1990 he has been working for Oluce and we quote the floor lamps Sister 365 (nominated for the Compasso d'Oro) and Zefiro.
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