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    av. Jean Burgers 2
    T. 32 475 250 774
    F. 32 475 220 774
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    Candle House

    Activity : Manufacturer
    Develop your creativity and bring a little luxury into your daily life - this is the concept made available to you by Candle House with its collection of perfumed candle beads. This new range of “natural” candles can be adapted to any type of non flammable container and, because it is a vegetable product, will burn cleanly without giving off any smoke. This gives you the freedom to use them to set the mood in your home, at your parties, for your table settings ...... and to enhance your home surroundings. All you need to do is to place a small wick into your chosen container before pouring in the wax beads and lighting the wick. It takes just a few seconds to create your own scented candle in your favourite candle holder ..... For your delectation, Candle House has chosen an infinitely varied range of natural perfumes. This collection is available in a host of colours which can be freely superimposed, combined and co-ordinated. Candle beads are a simple and unique method of creating that special mood in your home!
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