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    Banci Firenze
    Via Ponchielli 27
    T. +39 055 751941
    F. +39 055 755127
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    Banci Firenze

    Activité : Manufacturer
    Everything began in 1899 with the work of an artisan, Giuseppe Banci, who restored chandeliers in iron, crystal and glass in the city center of Florence. Today, after more than 110 years of success all over the world, that artisan laboratory has become a professional company now in its fourth generation, assisted by a managed team. Banci's Specialization begins with the manufacture of wrought iron and handwork of precious crystals. A craft maintained until today as one of our main competitive advantages. Banci represents for over a century, a landmark in the world of classical and luxury decor to give prestige to the most sought after and exclusive environments. Banci is known to be the Italian company that can realize the most exclusive and prestigious dreams in classic and contemporary residential lighting thanks to a large range of products and with custom products for the contract market. Additional complementary items have been added to the core business of lighting. The corporate philosophy is based on recognized and high quality Italian modeling and processing, all still produced inside the company facility, integrated with a high standard of quality of pre and post sale service. This becomes at the same time a standard and an advantage when the demand of the market shifts to more specific requests of extreme customization of the product. Even a single piece will be customized, with rapid delivery times. From here the mission aimed to "customer satisfaction" with a strong spirit of Partnership: Banci is seen not only as a supplier of products, but especially as developer, step by step, of a new exclusive project alongside of the architect and of the interior designer. The importance of the customer, managed by their designer, becomes the value from content, and the result is identity of purpose for the execution of the project. We have developed many complex projects in 110 years of life, especially for highly demanding customers who want absolute perfection in realization of a product with extremely high quality and very short time available for production. Only a complete integration of the manufacturing supply chain allows all this and we are proud that it is still one of the greatest values perceived by our clients.
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