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Via Leonardo da Vinci 118/14
50028 Tavarnelle V.P. Firenze
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Activities : Manufacturer, Dealer
Alivar was founded in 1984. The plan: to bring together in a large, single collection all those masterpieces which have gone to make modern furnishing and design history; featuring items which were, previosly, only to be seen in museums or specialized publications, and which were therefore unknown to the public at large.Thanks to the philogical accuracy which is at the basis of ALIVAR research philosophy, it has been possible to bringh these items to the attention of an increasingly vast public, which would otherwise have been denied access to such works, which were previously destined solely for specifically qualified and specialized sectors. In 1994, the ALIVAR MUSEUM collection was further enhanced by the ALIVAR GALLERY collection featuring contemporary products, new elements of the most understated and basic style, for both domestic and oublic settings. ALIVAR is designing the third millenium


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