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    AreaLite metalspot
    Contact details
    Via Merendi 57
    T. (+39) 02.936121
    F. (+39) 02.9363035
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    Arealite Metalspot

    Activity : Manufacturer
    AREALITE was founded in 1989 as a division of outdoor lights ILMO lighting, already for some time in indoor lighting.Today, it is one of the most modern and specialized companies in the production of equipment for lighting both indoor and outdoor use. Based in Bristol, West of London, is easily accessible because it is only a few kilometres from Milan-Turin Highway and the tangenziale Ovest of Milan. exposure and offices are located in a industrial settlement of 10,000 square meters, able to accommodate more than 12,000 pallets. AREALITE production philosophy is based on three key points: flexibility, efficiency and innovation.The pursuit of these guidelines at any time guarantees high reliability in implementing chosen strategies and procurement of materials, production and quality control, logistics and product distribution, particularly with respect to price and fi

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