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    Paris Deco Off / Pop Up Hôtel de l'Industrie 4 place Saint-Germain-des-Près 75006 Paris
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    Activités : Manufacturer, Designer  , Fabric Houses  
    Since 1908 the Maison Thevenon has cultivated the art of textile creation thanks to outstanding printed and woven fabrics based upon four generations of French textile tradition. Today Vincent Thevenon is spearheading a new era at the famous French company, bringing his passion for design, color and material with twice yearly collections. At Maison Thevenon the creation is at the core of the company's values, projected through a team of dedicated designers. To support the strategy, the Maison Thevenon associates its collections with renowned names of French design such as InkFabrik, Nathalie Lété, Prune Cirelli, Stella Cadente, François Bauchet...

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    Products of Thevenon

    (16 Produits)
    THEVENON - cannage calofornien - Fabric For Exteriors
    Cannage Calofornien

    Designer : Carolina Irving et Pierre Sauvage

    The universal and timeless cane motif is woven in blues, greens, reds, earthy oranges and light ...

    THEVENON - menerbes stripe - Fabric For Exteriors
    Menerbes Stripe
    Fabric for exteriors

    Designer : Carolina Irving et Pierre Sauvage

    Inspired by both Provençal fabrics and prestigious historical fabrics, Menerbes Stripe revisits the ...

    86 € approx.
    THEVENON - rochecotte - Upholstery Fabric

    Designer : Cordelia de Castellane

    Designed to cover sofas and windows alike, the designer was inspired by the fabrics and wallpapers ...

    Price upon request
    THEVENON - tajbrode - Upholstery Fabric
    Upholstery fabric

    The silky viscose thread, covering the entire surface with small, varied, multi-directional dots, ...

    Price upon request
    THEVENON - sintra - Upholstery Fabric
    Upholstery fabric

    A daring remix of plant and geometry, Sintra evokes African fabric while inventing its own register. ...

    Price upon request
    THEVENON - lord bouclette - Upholstery Fabric
    Lord Bouclette
    Upholstery fabric

    Woven in Trevira CS, Lord Bouclette is a fire-resistant plain with very dense, rounded, corkscrewed ...

    Price upon request
    THEVENON - chinchilla cookl clean rabbit - Upholstery Fabric
    Chinchilla cookl ...
    Upholstery fabric

    Weight in gsm: 433, Base: WOOL, Shrinkage in domestic washing: -4%, Abrasion resistance: 40000, ...

    Price upon request
    THEVENON - assouan - Upholstery Fabric
    Upholstery fabric

    Designer : ROBERT LE HÉROS

    New graphics combined with sensitive colours that bring energy and joy make up this new collection.

    THEVENON - bibi (velours) - Upholstery Fabric
    Upholstery fabric

    Designer : Inkfabrik

    The Bibi print created by Inkfabrik for Thévenon boldly and with panache affirms its joy in ...

    Price upon request
    THEVENON - lin lavé vert emeraude - Upholstery Fabric
    Lavé vert Emeraude
    Upholstery fabric

    Washed linen is a 100% natural fabric that appeals for its softness and suppleness, as well as ...

    Price upon request
    THEVENON - valencay rouge bleu - Upholstery Fabric
    Valencay rouge bleu
    Upholstery fabric

    Designer : Cordelia de Castellane

    Designed to cover sofas and windows alike, the designer was inspired by the fabrics and wallpapers ...

    Price upon request
    THEVENON - sterling - Upholstery Fabric
    Upholstery fabric

    Weight in gsm: 692, Base: JACQUARD, Shrinkage in domestic washing: CHAIN: -4% - WEFT: -0.5%, ...

    THEVENON - arcadie fond bleu canard - Wallpaper
    Arcadie Fond bleu ...

    Designer : Inkfabrik

    Spectacular large leaves with atypical cut-outs rush with vigour and enthusiasm to conquer the great ...

    THEVENON - goa fond bleu gris - Wallpaper
    Goa Fond Bleu gris

    Frank colours, watery fluidity, creativity in the abundance of shapes, patterns, shades, heavenly ...

    THEVENON - coco vert mousse - Wallpaper

    coco vert mousse


    "Fully based on quality our large-width (133 cm) wall decorations are printed on satin fabric and ...

    THEVENON - majorell jaune fond bleu canard - Wallpaper
    Majorell jaune Fond ...

    Designer : Inkfabrik

    Mounting: MAT PAPER, Fitting: 58.4V SAUTÉ, Mounting : Wall, Width : 62 L, Composition : BACKING ...



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