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Depuis 1959 IPE Cavalli produit des fauteuils, des canapés, des lits, des canapés lits et des objets décoratifs de design afin de satisfaire un public Since 1959 IPE Cavalli has been manufacturing armchairs, sofas, beds, sofa-beds and complements of high-design in order to always satisfy a more and more advanced and demanding public who is trying to express, through these products, the pleasure of living its own house far from the proposal of an overstocked and flatten market. Its Philosophy wish to promote Life Styles, free and far from Impositions or rigid Laws through personalized project of Furniture and Architecture and through the use of a technology focused on expressing Comfort, Innovation and Emotions. Its products are direct towards people without age's limit, distinguished by curiosity and enthusiasm for their own lives. Ipe Cavalli produces and sells in more of 50 countries in the world. through four Registered Trade Mark Brands, which give to its Collections the names. www.visionnaire-home.it www.streamlined.it www.contemporary-classic.it www.gtgrantour.it Therefore, IPE wants to be a reference point, thanks to its 50 years experience in quality and research. IPE Cavalli is not only specialized in domestic furniture, but also a great experience in contract solutions, especially hotel and shipping interiors. Some examples are showed in the Company web site: www.ipe-cavalli.it

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