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    Mirabel Slabbinck
    Lieven Bauwensstraat 18
    Sint-Andries (Brugge)
    T. 32 50 31 25 57
    F. 32 50 31 83 58
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    Paris Deco Home / 4 place Saint-Germain-des-Prés 75006 Paris Hôtel de l'Industrie Salle des 3 Consuls.
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    Mirabel Slabbinck

    Activité : Manufacturer
    The origins of the Mirabel Slabbinck brand date back to 1903, the year Hendrik Slabbinck, skilled gold embroiderer, started his workshop in Bruges, Belgium. The Slabbinck family has worked to make the company an international reference for liturgical vestments. The fourth generation decided to diversify into home linens. Their craftsmanship, eye for detail and service-minded company culture got noticed by the finest interior designers and architects. Today Mirabel Slabbinck offers a collection of refined bed, bath and table linens of the highest quality and realises bespoke projects all over the world.

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    Products of Mirabel Slabbinck

    (11 Produits)
    Mirabel Slabbinck - borda - Bed Linen Set
    Bed linen set

    Refined simplicity of the ribbon that frames it.

    Price upon request
    Mirabel Slabbinck - basic - Bed Linen Set
    Bed linen set

    The plain ones are very elegant.

    Price upon request
    Mirabel Slabbinck - sorbe - Bed Linen Set
    Bed linen set

    Set of ribbons. The Slabbinck spirit for this best seller.

    Price upon request
    Mirabel Slabbinck - anethum - Bed Linen Set
    Bed linen set

    Decorative opening.

    Price upon request
    Mirabel Slabbinck - phi - Bed Linen Set
    Bed linen set

    The ribbon in all its states!

    Price upon request
    Mirabel Slabbinck - banzi - Bed Linen Set
    Bed linen set

    Alliance of colours.

    Price upon request
    Mirabel Slabbinck - bola - Bed Linen Set
    Bed linen set

    Rounds, circles, buttons? Roundness is in! So round the corners, turn around, make it round!

    Price upon request
    Mirabel Slabbinck - abadi - Bed Linen Set
    Bed linen set

    Wonderful shades of beige.

    Price upon request
    Mirabel Slabbinck - allura - Pillowcase

    Classic duster stitch ending in a flared line

    Price upon request
    Mirabel Slabbinck - bonsomi - Rectangular Tablecloth

    Subtlety, delicacy and mystery are the hallmarks of Bonsomi which reveals its secret in the ...

    Price upon request

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