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    Grand Papa Antiquites
    1/3 Grande rue
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    Grand Papa Antiquites

    Activité : Antique dealer  
    Today, a hundred years after Claude Monet, you will discover the unchanged landscape : Vetheuil, located on the Seine river bank, below white cliffs,. its ancient church still standing after seven centuries. The village streets and trails will conduct you to the hilltop or to the river banks. From Nordmen invasions to the Hundred years war against the english crown, Vetheuil took its place in history, sometimes English, sometimes French. Bertrand du Guesclin conquired the castle in april 1364. The church is dedicated to the Nativity, the oldest part, the choir, has been built before the Hundred years war, by the english king Henry the second. The building has been onduring centuries to end in the XVI th century (1560). Inside you will find numerous registred pieces of art : statues, frames and wall paintings including le one celebrating the Charity brotherhood created by the pope in 1583. Many pilgrims came to pray "our lady of Grace". This wonderfull building, classified in 1845, is an exemple of the transition between Roman art and Ogival style wich seduced Claude Monet. We can admire it in many of his paintings. The old graveyard around the church has been moved in the mid nineteeth century. You can visit Camille Doncieux's grave, she was Monet's wife and passed away aged 32 ans, on septembre 5th 1879, in Vetheuil. One can understand that this charming and wonderfull place attracted so many painters and well known people. The most famous was Claude Monet who settled in Vetheuil in 1878 and created here many paintings one can discover inmuseums all over the world. His house is located on the road to "la Roche-Guyon" at the village gate. Just over this house, another one sheltered for years Joan Mitchell, American, and Jean-Paul Riopelle, Canadian ; both very well known painters. Nowadays many artists live in Vetheuil, Frenchs as A.Bruneaux et S.Carrré, English as M.Towsey or Japanese as S.Hasegawa. Wandering in the old streets you may dicover the wondrfull house where the novel writers Paul et Victor Margueritte, the plane manufacturer Gabriel Voisin and the musician César Franck lived. Vetheuil is still a place to live and, when you stop in the village, you may discover all the people who live here. translated from a text by : D.Herpin-Poulenat
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    Products of Grand Papa Antiquites

    (12 Produits)
    Grand Papa Antiquites - fauteuils - Armchair


    Pair of Louis XIII style armchairs completely redone. Late 19th-century Period Features

    Price upon request
    Grand Papa Antiquites - encoignure murale - Corner Chest

    encoignure murale

    Wall notch with curved façade, rosewood and rosewood veneer. Era louis XV

    Price upon request
    Grand Papa Antiquites - buffet - Cupboard


    Buffet at the height of support, 2 doors a large drawer, walnut. Period early 19th century

    Price upon request
    Grand Papa Antiquites - cabinet 4 portes - Double Chest

    Designer : E. Lemay

    Chêne massif meuble estampillé de E. Lemay, Le Mans 1888

    Price upon request
    Grand Papa Antiquites - acajou moucheté - Double Chest
    Double chest

    Piece of furniture two bodies with withdrawal

    2 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    Grand Papa Antiquites - table de milieu - Table

    table de milieu

    solid walnut. Mid-16th century

    Price upon request
    Grand Papa Antiquites - armoire à chéne clair - Wardrobe

    Cupboard clear chene

    Price upon request
    Grand Papa Antiquites - armoire cauchoise - Wardrobe Cabinet

    armoire cauchoise

    Wardrobe cabinet
    Price upon request

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