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    42246 Sarah Way
    T. 951-695-4522
    F. 951-695-4520
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    Landmark Metal Tile

    Activity : Manufacturer
    Landmark MetalCoat uses a patented cold-spray, cold-cast composite metal that can be sprayed to nearly any substrate. It provides the look of solid-cast metal without the cost or weight. After 14 years of experimentation the metal coating became commercially available in 1997. It can be cast solid or applied to virtually any surface including, but not limited to, the following: laminate, melamine, metal, wood, plastic, gypsum, fiberglass, ceramics, concrete, foam, glass, porcelain. The metal coating is applied with a spray system, like paint, but it is not paint. It is a true metal composite with up to 95% pure metal. It is conductive of heat, but not electricity, anti-corrosive, has a Class 1-Class A fire rating, is lightweight, can adhere to a substrate with up to 1,500 pounds per sq. in. pull strength without delamination, and can be treated like solid metal once cured. At the standard 10-mil thickness, it adds less than four ounces per square foot. Available metals are bronze, copper, brass, nickel-silver, aluminum, stainless steel or iron. Available finishes are oil rubbed, satin, patina and polished.
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