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    Camille Muller
    Contact details
    211 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine / Passage de la Main d'or
    F. 01 40 09 04 79
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    Camille Muller

    Activity : Landscape Designer / Architect
    Camille Muller, landscape architect, ecologist before his time, passionate about nature since the age of 13, learns from Gilles Clément landscape architect, gardener, botanist, entomologist, biologist and writer. Originally from Colmar, he likes to say that his parents are farmers' children. Since childhood he has been passionate about the earth, animals and nature, transplanting peonies in his parents' garden, creating ponds in tree trunks, creating miniature lighting in the garden.

    Camille Muller is happy in this universe and nature is a true vocation. He is known for his wild gardens in the cities. He creates ecological gardens, i.e. gardens that save energy. He enhances local plants and lets nature express itself. An ecosystem is established and the garden forms a meaningful whole. A garden created by Camille Muller is a unique garden.

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