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    Arte Espina
    Contact details
    Otto-Brenner-Straße 26
    T. +49 2421 99 00 40
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    Arte Espina

    Activity : Manufacturer
    Arte Espina is a young business that operates worldwide and is synonymous with innovative, contemporary design. The business was founded in 2000 by Mr Theo and Mrs Margo van Dooren. Arte Espina specialises in designing, manufacturing and selling a wide variety of innovative rugs to liven up interiors. Our name stands for modern ambience, the latest trends and above all atmospheric living. Arte Espina rugs are made to high quality standards, as exemplified by the TÜV/TFI quality seal.

    Products of Arte Espina

    (14 Products)

    tapis design lounge vert

    626.40 € approx.

    tapis design needlecraft beige

    861.30 € approx.

    tapis design optical art zebra

    355.18 € approx.

    tapis design swing bleu

    595.08 € approx.

    tapis de salon colour festival multicolo

    277.70 € approx.

    tapis design lounge marron

    626.40 € approx.

    tapis de salon red trace 1 blanc 170x240

    585.68 € approx.

    tapis de petit tapis easy going 3 beige

    97.20 € approx.

    tapis design tweed line

    142.81 € approx.