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    Lulu Castagnette
    Contact details
    210 rue Saint Denis
    T. 01 45 08 53 30
    F. 01 40 26 99 36
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    Lulu Castagnette

    Activity : Manufacturer
    The LuluCastagnette adventure begins in Paris in 1979. Charles Lahmi, A self-taught entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast, decides to embark on the world of Clothing. He made his weapons by founding the drunken society that created and marketed women's ready-to-wear pieces to the MULTIBRANDS. He became a real specialist in knit and knitting for Women. One of his flagship models is a T-shirt featuring a teddy bear Logo. This one is very successful as soon as it is Launched. In 1996, Charles Lahmi decided to launch his own brand: it was the birth of LuluCastagnette. The iconic teddy bear of the famous T-shirt becomes the Logo. As for the name used, it is a mixture of several influences. indeed, The name "Lulu" is a reference to the son of Serge Gainsbourg, whom the singer had made on stage during a concert on the occasion of a duet, which had moved the Entrepreneur. But it still has to energize this name, too short. Charles Lahmi then decided to attach the word "Castagnette" to the Latin sonorities. The collections are inspired by American brands such as Ralph Lauren, but also television series of the time like Beverly Hills. Two iconic products stand out: the big cozy sweater with the teddy bear mascot and the famous T-shirts taking the American Flag. The girl looking for a casual, playful and casual look is directly seduced by this aesthetic in the air of Time.
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