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    13 av. du Général de Gaulle-N°8
    Villebon sur Yvette
    T. 01 69 31 25 48
    F. 01 60 10 90 65
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    Maïte Mariana L'atelier De Décoration

    Activité : Home designer  
    'Decorating a window is working with the light. The fabric acts as a filter, transform and create the atmosphere. The decorations around the windows furnish and structure the interior. What defines Maïté Mariana is the energy she puts in each of her projects since 15 years by listening carefully to her clients. She achieves their ideas and guide them by imagining a decoration that defines the perfect matching style to the ambiance they want. She proposes a furniture that guarantee the achievement of the project and the desired result : special design or unified color, special fabric effect, flowing or strict... She defines the type of curtains and structure that fits best to create the wanted result. Maïté Mariana chose to handle her self each of her project from the very beginning to it's very end, from advising her clients on the furnitures to set up the final ambiance. Her objective is Zero Customer Service. Her training at the Boulle School assured her the basic knowledges of tapestry and the master of the classic home couture furnishing. From there she imagines and proposes decorative solutions to answer the needs of each of her clients. She puts together, stitches and embellishes herself all the curtains, stores, cushions and bed covers aided by a tapestry professional for the biggest projects. During the years a lot of clients have asked her, "are you the one who stitches?" and were reassured when she explained them how she was working, in a big workshop with great cutting tables and professional machines.

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    Products of Maïte Mariana L'atelier De Décoration

    (4 Produits)
    Maïte Mariana - L'Atelier de Décoration - ambiance glacée - Custom Curtains

    ambiance glacée

    Triple deCORTEX, Gaia Shanghai Silk -Noyer-coloured wooden style tringle,Embrasse 2 tassels "lounge" ...

    Price upon request
    Maïte Mariana - L'Atelier de Décoration - flamboyance - Custom Curtains


    Custom curtains

    Pair of fine silk curtains lined with a gold damask fabric, complemented by bright yellow under- ...

    Price upon request
    Maïte Mariana - L'Atelier de Décoration -  - Hooked Curtain

    Hollow folds , Peplum Veil - Rubelli, Tringle and Oliver tip - Tringle diameter 16mm - brushed ...

    Price upon request
    Maïte Mariana - L'Atelier de Décoration -  - Net Curtain

    Maité Mariana guides you in your projects and realizes them.

    Price upon request


    Wardrobe and Accessories - 06/2017
    Wardrobe and Accessories

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