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    Anforas De Mar
    Av. Garrucha 78
    T. + 34 950130258
    F. + 34 950 45 4720
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    Anforas De Mar

    Activité : Manufacturer
    Do we have a consolidated experience, our product can consider it introduced in the most demanding markets, it has cost us a lot of effort, attained based attend several years all fairs and most important national and international exhibitions, currently we have a prestigious clientele that appreciates our product because? sell history and culture?. We are a r & d company and as such, we have researched and learned from our results, our production circuit is fully manual, from the dive at one of the pieces in the sea to its extraction, drying and handling.The sum of innovation as a basic element in the development of this activity and our entrepreneurship, have been the key to arouse the interest and curiosity in all events and in all countries where jars of sea has been presence. Since 2001 when we are as a company, we have been evolving and reinventing our produ
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