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Steiner 1888

Products of Steiner 1888

  • Steiner 1888 -  - Blanket

    Blanket Heidi ... Blanket

    Our classics made of Austrian sheep's wool exude relaxed naturalness. They are ideal for the bedroom ...

    156 € approx.
  • Steiner 1888 - anne  - Children's Blanket

    Children Blanket ... anne

    Bright, cheerful alpaca play blankets - for cuddling up, or building tents or castles. A heart- ...

    86 € approx.
  • Steiner 1888 - alina - Hot Water Bottle


    50% alpaca, 50% merinowool 21 colours

    38 € approx.
  • Steiner 1888 - pillow lotte  - Square Cushion

      pillow lotte

    True trendsetters will be setting their sights on this leaping hart. Classical yet fashionable, and ...

    91 € approx.