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'THE ART OF LIVING COTE BASTIDE. We come into the world with immense naiveté, auspicious of it's'wonderment. Like a petty thief of emotions, we greedily pass through our childhood,accumulating a mixed treasure trove of new experiences and intense feelings, and then we become an adult. And, almost immediately, we forget. Yesterdays' image fades away,surrendering to todays'rhythm of conventionality, where we no longer have the time to exist, and no time to spare.Côté Bastide drew its inspiration from forgotten lessons. The profound desire to reawaken our dormant senses, to regain lost sensations, and to captivate our marvellous souvenirs, in one word, to remind us of the simple pleasures in life. The rare and yet familiar scent of an age old rose, the charm of hand crafted earthenware, the craftsmanship of cinnamon bundled and tied, contact with a pristine cotton sheet. Côté Bastide rediscovers the daily pleasures, to be enjoyed, shared and never to be forgotten.

Ambiences & References from Cote Bastide

  • COTE BASTIDE     |
  • COTE BASTIDE Candle Candles and candle-holders Decorative Items  |
  • COTE BASTIDE Scented candle Scents Flowers and Fragrances  |
  • COTE BASTIDE Natural soap Soap Bathroom Accessories and Fixtures  |
  • COTE BASTIDE    Bedroom | Cottage
  • COTE BASTIDE Scented candle Scents Flowers and Fragrances  |
  • COTE BASTIDE Atmosphere fragrance Scents Flowers and Fragrances  |
  • COTE BASTIDE Potpourri Scents Flowers and Fragrances  |

Events from Cote Bastide

  • Maison & Objet Paris - January 2018 - 5A A106 / B105

Newsletter with a circulation of Cote Bastide

  • Crockery - 11/2011

  • MAISON&OBJET - 08/2011