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    T. +4952505110 +495250511130
    F. 49 52 50/ 5 11 - 130
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    Activité : Manufacturer
    Bette is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom porcelainized steel products. Created in 1952 in Delbrück in Germany, the company offers baths, shower trays, sinks and furniture of high quality for the bathroom. Today more than 600 models of bathtubs, recipients from shower and sinks are manufactured in Delbrück. Bathroom & accessories Bette are certified by environmental products declarations (DEP) and comply with standard ISO 14 025. Bette employs 348 people and realized a turnover of EUR 76.7 million in 2013

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    Products of Bette

    (6 Produits)
    BETTE - betteloft ornament - Freestanding Bathtub
    BetteLoft Ornament

    Designer : Tesseraux + Partner

    The expressive exterior forms emphasise the linearity of the interior of the tank and extend it to ...

    7824 € approx.
    BETTE - bettelux shape - Freestanding Bathtub

    bettelux shape

    Freestanding bathtub

    A new generation of bathtubs and cathons in island on foot. This interior-enhanced design ...

    Price upon request
    BETTE - betteair - Shower Tray

    Installed flush with the floor, the new BetteAir model is the world's first shower tile. Because ...

    Price upon request
    BETTE - bette loft - Wash Hand Basin

    bette loft

    Designer : Tesseraux + Partner

    Bette Loft

    Price upon request

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