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BE, it is a collection of gifts for children, sometimes also for adults, where the game, humor, aesthetics and the imagination to give reply.

Play to be another, it is both to build his personality and get to know and respect others.

BE provides a real place for child giving importance to design, be it a toy or object of the House.
BE, it is a way to see life and children.

In permanent contact with the creators as Cilou Zelkine and Lola Gavarry, and with the ludothecaires, be is both Publisher and game Finder.
Convinced of the importance of play in education and in life, at any age, it was in 2002 that I gathered around me the small team to be.

Four grown children, and already five grandchildren, a graduate in science education, and science of the game especially, I have always worked in the entertaining area, in toy distribution

Products of Aetre

  • Aetre - costume de templier - Costume

      costume de templier
    55 € approx.
  • Aetre - astronaute - Costume

    29 € approx.
  • Aetre - docteur - Costume

    29 € approx.
  • Aetre - chevalier cathare - Costume Mask

      chevalier cathare
    59.50 € approx.