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Via Busnelli 1
20821 Meda
T. +39 0362 97 21
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168, Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris Fax 01 45 61 91 84

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Activity : Manufacturer
Cassina works industrially in the contemporary furnishing sector. It produces chairs, tables, armchairs, beds, and furniture in general with a particular flair for upholstered items and work in wood, leather and other top-quality materials.   The Cassina collection is eclectic, and has always been so. It is open to design projects from varying cultures and historical backgrounds, it welcomes them and makes them its own, stamping them with its own personality, its own trademark.   A Cassina product is the fruit of different competences and professionalities, from which spring results that are always original and exclusive. Products from the Cassina collection hark back to different inspirations, sometimes even contradictory. But a common feature is revealed; the courage to seek quality across different types and languages, quality that has made the Cassina product a point of reference for the international culture of design.


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