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    Revestimientos Osaka
    Contact details
    Dublin Street 1 ( Zone industrielle)
    T. +34 91 830 46 15
    F. +34 91 886 34 63
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    Revestimientos Osaka

    Activity : Manufacturer
    In the course of its 30 years of existence, ARTE OSAKA has developed high-Decoration products which are distinguished by the painting of smooth tones. The high decoration has a wide variety of finishes capable of creating various effects and imitations: stucco, Metal sands, glazes, stripping, imitations of stone, multicolored, earth effects... which allow any type of personalization. With the products used by High Decoration, we can give free course to our imagination when it comes to decorating any personal or professional space, because its finish is perfect, elegant, discreet, striking, warm and Comfortable. It is a different product with which you can get each wall to be a small piece of art. The paints used in the high decoration, need a special technique in order to convey the twist of a product that decorates and embellishes its walls, not only the paints. ART OSAKA has a range both inside and outside that supports a high degree of personalization, which allows to create various effects that improve, attenuate or vary the finish. With high decoration painting, we can create unique works on each wall, with the seal of his personality