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The online exhibition of international decoration, design and habitat

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Daring to innovation secret n? stops a d? innovate and propose you every year still more new products.

Originality pleasure for a playful look at the world of children, associated with a culture of design, makes our products a source of merriment, fun and laughter to children.

Experience in security permanent member of the Commission l?AFNOR, secret participates in l? the toy standard.
This allows to propose products always safe, simple design, easy mounting is facilitated by a clear notice prepared in 7 languages.

Quality guarantees through the continuous search for the best suppliers by our Purchasing Department for, we propose you Scots pine structures, guaranteed for 10 years against rot and insects. Our suppliers guarantee, to share their certification of their wood comes from forests controlled operation.

Ambiences & References from Soulet

  • SOULET     |
  • SOULET Children's garden play house Open air games Games and Toys  |
  • SOULET Outdoor playset Open air games Games and Toys Garden-Pool | Cottage

Products of Soulet

  • SOULET -  - Games Tower

      Games Tower
    Price upon request
  • SOULET - portique en bois spécial ados avec 4 agrès 3,25m - Play Area

      portique en bois spécial ados avec 4 agr
    Price upon request
  • SOULET - maisonnette enfant en bois avec toboggan et tente  - Play Area

      maisonnette enfant en bois avec toboggan
    1399 € approx.