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    Avda Catalunya 173 - Pol. Ind. Sud
    T. +34 938 713 152
    F. +34 938 462 089
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    Activité : Manufacturer
    In 1996 Joana Bover founded Boer in Barcelona. After 20 years of market development, what began as a sketch on a napkin for an architect friend's project has evolved and grown to become one of the leading companies in the contemporary lighting sector, with its own subsidiary in the United States and a presence in countries worldwide. Bover is produced entirely in Barcelona, exercising full control over its production chain and as a result is able to ensure excellent quality and appropriate delivery terms to meet market needs.

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    Products of Bover

    (15 Produits)
    Bover - amphora - Candle Jar

    The size and shape of this collection pay a subtle  and discreet homage to the terracotta ...

    Bover -  - Floor Lamp

    Maxi P/180 LED outdoor lamppost - a design classic with beautiful Maxi P/180 lighting is a UV- ...

    Bover - atticus p/ - Floor Lamp

    atticus p/

    Floor lamp

    Simple and elegant garden lamp.

    Bover - garota m - Garden Lamp
    Garota M

    Designer : Alex Fernández Camps

    Garota, inspired by the shell of a sea urchin, offers us a warm and dispersed light, wrapped in ...

    Bover - amphora - Garden Lamp
    Garden lamp

    The size and shape of this collection pay a subtle  and discreet homage  to the ...

    2 déclinaisons

    Bover - fora m - Garden Lamp
    Fora M
    Garden lamp

    A generous round wicker shade that reflects a generous amount of light.

    Bover - atticus - Garden Lamp
    Garden lamp

    Elegant and timeless garden lamp.

    Bover -  - Hanging Lamp

    Tibeta 03 dimmable designer suspension with aluminum lampshades The Tibeta 03 LED suspension is part ...

    Bover -  - Hanging Lamp
    Hanging lamp

    Suspension of designer Tibeta 01 by Christophe Mathieu The lampshade of the Tibeta 01 LED suspension ...

    Bover -  - Nomad Lamp

    Its name is inspired by a small cove of Cadaquès accessible on foot or by sea. A preserved corner of ...

    Bover - cornet b-- - Step Lights
    Cornet B

    These outdoor bollards are very stylish light points.  Its form is harmonious,  organic ...

    Bover - cornet b - Step Lights
    Cornet B
    Step lights

    A very designer look.  Its form is harmonious,  organic and it blends in with nature  ...

    Bover - atticus - Step Lights
    Step lights

    Designer : Joana Bover

    Timeless line to light up your gardens.

    Bover - amphora 03 - Table Lamp
    Amphora 03

    The Amphora lamp is very decorative, made of synthetic wicker, with a tripod base.

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    Lighting : Outdoor - 02/2017
    Lighting : Outdoor

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