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Berto Salotti

Berto Salotti Artisan Production.
Berto Salotti was established in Meda ( in the northern Italy region called Brianza) in 1974. Brothers Carlo and
Fioravante were its promoters. Artisan quality and top, made-to-order comfort are the elements that have
always distinguished our production.
Today, we offer you 100% made in Italy, top quality craftsmanship and manufacturing, because we are
convinced of contributing in this way to the enhancement of your choices and to the quality of your life.
When we manufacture your sofa, we are aware that we are responsible for your comfort in your moments of
rest and relaxation, as well as when you show hospitality to your friends.
All items manufactured by us are handmade on demand in our artisan laboratory.
This work method allows us to manufacture customised models, to comply with your comfort and style
requirements, custom made for your spaces.
To corroborate our method, each Berto Salotti product is accompanied by a PRODUCT QUALITY CARD made
out to the client for whom it was manufactured. The product characteristics and all useful maintenance
information are listed on the card. The card is signed by those who actually manufactured the item.
Handcrafted production requires expert personnel. We are proud of the fact that we have collaborators who
have been working with us for a long time now. Expert upholsterers and tailors working side by side with
young people who share their passion for upholstery, an historical artisan activity, established in the Brianza
district and linked to its most noble arts and crafts traditions.
Handcrafted production requires the use of the best materials to obtain a product of complete quality and

Ambiences & References from Berto Salotti

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Products of Berto Salotti

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    Corporate Catalogue 15/12/11