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    Aurelio Cachafeiro

    Activité : Manufacturer
    Aurelio Cachafeiro Born in León (1959), he spent his childhood in the city of Granada, later moving to Valladolid where he came into contact with the world of art at an early age. Here, he studied volume techniques, imagery, interior design and ceramic muralism techniques. He then went on to engage in different teaching experiences based on art and plastic expression. Around 1980, together with Alberto Moral, he set up the Taller de Intervenciones Urbanas (a plastic arts research workshop for the urban setting), whence his macroinstallations would arise. An example of this is "Solar Reflector", consisting of an aerospace structure with contents in helium, in progressive action and sound. Travelling interventions in different cities: Barcelona (Moll de la Fusta), Majorca (Parque del Mar), Valladolid (Campo Grande) and Palencia. Other installations include: "Color de Calor", "Flotantes Nocturnos", "Agua por un tubo", "Apuntes sobre el jardín". At the same time, he organised numerous individual and group exhibitions in Spanish cities (San Sebastián, Oviedo, Barcelona, Valladolid, Madrid, Segovia...) In 1984, selected by the French Embassy in Madrid, he participated in the "Exposición Internacional de Arte Espace Cardin" Paris in (Champs Elysées). In 1985 he installed his study in the German city of Saarbrücken, working with the Weinand Bessoth Gallery and the An Kleinen Mark Gallery and Amschillerplatz of Mannheim. He made contact with the artistic agent W. Riegueisberger, with whom he was to plan exhibitions and installations for the urban setting. Between 1988 and 1990 he lived on the island of Majorca, continuing to collaborate with different European galleries and working on installations. In 1991 he returned to Germany to set up in the city of Cologne, where he remained for five years. It was there that he began to work with the Adriana Schmidt Gallery (Stuttgart-Cologne), staging numerous exhibitions and showing his work in different International Contemporary Art Trade Fairs (Paris, Miami, Cologne, Stuttgart, Multiple Art in the Kunstmese of Dusseldorf, Arco-Madrid, Art Gràfic Barcelona...). His work may be found spread across different institutions and private collections (S. Stürmer, B.T. Röpke, A. Ehret, P. Tubach, M. Moosman, S. Kuge...) In 1996 he returned to the Mediterranean to settle in Barcelona, a city where he is currently developing his creative projects. He coordinated and directed, Wall Art, created in 1996, engaged in design and in making environmental images, while also teaching sporadically teaching in the city?s different art and design schools...
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    Products of Aurelio Cachafeiro

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    AURELIO CACHAFEIRO - dynamic wall - Wall Decoration

    dynamic wall

    Interactive mural based on a sequential arrangement of changing tones and structure. The detection ...

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    AURELIO CACHAFEIRO -  - Wall Decoration
    Wall decoration
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