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« The art of illuminating your interior » .Touch of Light adds a touch of soul to your lamps by giving to your interior an artistic feel when sunlight fades and is replaced by the softness of the shade. We reinvent what is an otherwise familiar object and reveal an unsuspected potential. Touch of Light collaborates with a group of artists that evolves regularly and add their unique touch to its creations.

Touch of Light for professionals : bespoke work. For professionals, Touch of Light will work with you during the development of your project to create lamps custom fit to the ambiance wanted. If you wish to put forward your heritage, an architectural element, a work of art, a collection... Touch of Light creates with you a line of lamps.

Touch of Light for interior decorating aficionados. For stores, Touch of Light has a large pre-existing thematic catalog and a great number of models to satisfy art and interior decorating aficionados.

Models. We created these lamps always looking for purity and simplicity in the shape. A light metalic structure that emphasizes the visual, an elegant solution for table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps. Table lamps : 5 sizes of table lamps from 12cm to 60cm. 3 Ellipses : Large, medium, Small. 3 Cage Lamps : Large, Medium, Small. Ceiling Lamps : The Classic with 3 levels. The 3 Ellipses. The Large Pebble with LED lights. Wall Lamps : The Large Pebble with LED lights.

All Touch of Light lamps are original French creations.

Ambiences & References from Touch Of Light

  • TOUCH OF LIGHT Illuminated column Lamp-holders Lighting : Indoor  |
  • TOUCH OF LIGHT     |
  • TOUCH OF LIGHT Office Hanging lamp Chandeliers & Hanging lamps Lighting : Indoor Dining room |
  • TOUCH OF LIGHT Table lamp Lamps Lighting : Indoor  |

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