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Pulltex is a world reference in the world of wine, with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of corkscrews and accessories for lesprofessionnels and wine lovers. The sommeliers Pulltex knives are protected by more than twenty international patents, including the double lever hinged and dudouble retractable lever, patents that have revolutionized the uncorking.Originally, Pulltex began with a modest range of accessories, the first idea was to improve the service of wine. With the launch of the first sommelier to double lever 'Pulltap's ', Pulltex gained international notoriety.Today, Pulltex offers a range of complete products around wine for uncorking, service and conservation.Pulltex is recognized for its innovative and functional accessories, the originality of the design and the quality of its products.

Ambiences & References from Pulltex

  • PULLTEX Shopping bag Various decoration accessories Beyond decoration  |
  • PULLTEX  |
  • PULLTEX Champagne bucket Drink cooling Tabletop accessories  |
  • PULLTEX Wine label Wine cellar House Equipment  |

Products of Pulltex

Events from Pulltex

  • Maison & Objet Paris - September 2018 - 1 D93
  • Maison & Objet Paris - September 2017 - 6 C103