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Idoia Cuesta is a basketmaker born in the Basque country and based in Lugo (Galicia). A degree in biology, handicraft became more a decade ago through screening of tissues. You have participated as a teacher in several courses and workshops, like?Reformulada tradition: the added value of craftsmanship in the development of the contemporary product? given together with the designer Martín Azúa, Professor in the Elisava School of design. She is the author of the book?Guide of Galicia cesteables plants?, published in 2006 by the Centrad (Center of crafts and design of Lugo), the result of extensive research.Idoia Cuesta crafts, part of the tradition, but experiment with materials and volumes to design and create new lines and products applicable to different fields, as decoration or fashion. A sense renewal of craftsmanship, proposing new uses and new consumer baskets. The combination of natural fibres used in tex

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