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    Postbus 1021 6920 BA Duiven
    6921 RW
    T. +31 (0)26 319 5 319
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    Activité : Manufacturer
    DRU started as a blast furnace producing many cast iron products. Cauldrons and pans are still well known today. After the discovery of natural gas in the Netherlands in the early 60s, DRU turned to the production of gas fireplaces and wall radiators. DRU is now one of the oldest industries in the Netherlands. The DRU brand is renowned throughout Europe for its contemporary gas fireplaces, functional gas wall heaters and innovative fireplace technology. The brand is closely associated with the concentric duct that allows gas fireplaces to be installed with or without a chimney. This technology was developed by DRU in the 60s and is the basis of thousands of gas appliances nowadays.

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    Products of Dru

    (8 Produits)
    DRU - dik geurts - prostyle 500 - Closed Fireplace
    Dik Geurts - ...

    Prostyle fireplaces have screen-printed glass that conceals the metal frames. The Prostyle 500 is ...

    Price upon request
    DRU - dik geurts - prostyle 1000 - Closed Fireplace
    Dik Geurts - ...
    Closed fireplace

    Prostyle fireplaces have screen-printed glass that hides the metal frames. The one metre wide ...

    Price upon request
    DRU - dik geurts - instyle corner slim 660/570 - Closed Fireplace
    Dik Geurts - Instyle ...
    Closed fireplace

    Une vue complète du feu depuis votre salon. Avec l'extension de l'Instyle Corner Slim en une version ...

    Price upon request
    DRU - maestro 80/3 eco wave - Gas Fireplace
    Maestro 80/3 Eco ...
    Gas fireplace

    The Maestro 80/3 Eco Wave is an 80 cm wide, 3-sided gas fire with an impressive log fire and dense, ...

    Price upon request
    DRU - maestro 75 tunnel tall eco wave - Gas Fireplace
    Maestro 75 Tunnel ...
    Gas fireplace

    The Maestro 75 Tunnel Tall Eco Wave is the perfect room divider with a view of the fire on 2 sides. ...

    Price upon request
    DRU - convexo eco wave - Gas Stove
    Convexo Eco Wave

    This freestanding gas fireplace offers a beautiful view of the flame pattern with three glass panes. ...

    Price upon request
    DRU - dik geurts - oval front, plateau - Wood Burning Stove
    Dik Geurts - Oval ...

    The oval front is a unique fireplace design. The oval shape makes it easy to see the flames. The ...

    Price upon request
    DRU - vidar triple - Wood Burning Stove
    Vidar Triple
    Wood burning stove

    Vidar fireplaces can be connected to the outside air, which ensures that the oxygen comes from ...

    Price upon request

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