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    MA/U Studio
    Contact details
    Allégade 19
    Frederiksberg C
    T. +4526833030
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    Ma/u Studio

    Activities : Manufacturer, Designer  
    'MA/U Studio aims at creating a synergy between the objects and furniture we create, and the surroundings in which they are placed; offices, domestic premises or public spaces. We hail the open space and it´s social identity. We like the idea that furniture changes according to the purpose for which it is being used, or the surrounding in which it is being placed. We see new generations arising and embracing these ideas, MA/U Studio acknowledges the wish for individuality and the search for freedom and gladly submits to this new cultural trend...

    Produits vendus par Ma/u Studio

    (28 Products)
    MA/U Studio -  - Console Table
    Console Table

    R.I.G. MODULES IN BLACK WITH DINESEN DOUGLAS Height options: 76 / 146 / 217 / 288 cm

    Price upon request
    MA/U Studio -  - Shelf
    Price upon request

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    Catalog MA/U studio 2012
    Corporate Catalogue 01/10/12