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    Contact details
    Carl Wery Strasse 34
    T. +49 89 4590-00
    F. 45902347
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    Activity : Manufacturer
    Bosch Smart Home products allow you, to automatically control regular processes within your home. Networked devices communicate with one another to automatically adjust to changing circumstances and your daily routine. Your benefit: you no longer have to worry about the details and have more time to enjoy life. For instance, intelligent heating control saves you energy costs and creates a cosy climate. Also, the automated house surveillance works to protect your home around the clock, this can all be controlled via your Bosch Smart Home app, even when you are not at home.

    Products of Bosch

    (13 Products)
    Bosch - silentmixx - Blender
    109.99 € approx.
    Bosch -  - Canister Vacuum
    Canister Vacuum
    179.99 € approx.
    Bosch -  - Connected Thermostat
    Connected Thermostat
    59.95 € approx.
    Bosch -  - Cordless Screwdriver
    Cordless Screwdriver
    Price upon request
    Bosch -  - Electric Oven
    Electric Oven
    Price upon request
    Bosch -  - Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    Price upon request
    Bosch -  - Heat Gun
    Heat Gun
    Price upon request
    Bosch -  - Motion Detector
    Motion Detector
    79.95 € approx.
    Bosch -  - Security Camera
    Security Camera
    249.95 € approx.