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The online exhibition of international decoration, design and habitat

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Digital art is displayed and is... well has each time his art. New technologies and software's graphic design, 2D and 3D, animation and editing have opened new fields to the artists and other "tweakers" of effects of talent by allowing the emergence of a new art form: digital art.

This art - can no longer contemporary ? Thomas Gayet, 31 years, artistic director (studio «spiritvibes.com») and ex-basketteur of high level, the practice itself for a decade. But, very quickly, deal with the explosion of talent, he decided to publicize these young artists and founded Amkashop, an online shop devoted to the digital creation in all its forms. With a very practical philosophy and ethics well affirmed: 1 / promote talent is good, but the best promotions, it's selling.
Amkashop publishes and sells creations of artists selected by the artists themselves and by the vote of the gra

Ambiences & References from Amkashop

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Products of Amkashop

  • Amkashop - quadkatokena - Contemporary Painting


    Designer : Romusa

    260 € approx.
  • News

    Amkashop - white-faith-2 - Photography

    41 € approx.
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    Amkashop - tire pas les cheveux - Photography

      tire pas les cheveux
    41 € approx.
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    Amkashop - points suspendus - Poster

      points suspendus
    41 € approx.
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    Amkashop - rebel with out cause - Poster

      rebel with out cause
    Price upon request
  • Amkashop - bird of pray - Poster

      bird of pray
    41 € approx.
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    Amkashop - drk - Poster

    Price upon request
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    Amkashop - eve - Poster

    41 € approx.