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    Design +
    2012 avenue de Toulon
    T. 0 805 12 12 13
    F. 04 94 21 93 53
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    Design +

    Activités : Wholesaler, Importers  
    Distributor in seat design and ergonomic. We deal with developments information - backache more than 80% of the French suffer from a bad back. More a symptom of a disease, it is nevertheless the first cause of consultation centres painkiller. Our ergonomic seats allow you to save your back. Understanding back pain through the discovery of our spine. It supports all of our body and gives it an amazing mobility. Flexion, rotation, nothing is impossible provided you know its strengths and its limitations. Eight French in 10 are suffering or will suffer trouble back at one time or another in their lives. "Kidney tour", "kidney Compote", back pain are varied: low back pain, lumbago, sciatica, Herniated ' face these enemies of the daily.
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    Products of Design +

    (10 Produits)
    Design + - docuglide - Desk


    DOCUGLIDE Copy Support To arrange between the screen and keyboard avoids cervical movements when you ...

    Price upon request
    Design + - selle multiadjuster - Ergonomic Chair

    selle multiadjuster

    Ergonomic seat Multi-adjust seat Seat for use in ASSIS-DEBOUT, also allows great mobility The spine ...

    626 € approx.
    Design + - xenium net - Ergonomic Chair

    xenium net

    Ergonomic chair

    Ergonomic seat Xenium NET Seat Design and ergonomic Net file file with lumbar reinforcement. ...

    1036 € approx.
    Design + - xenium classic - Ergonomic Chair

    xenium classic

    Ergonomic chair

    Ergonomic seat Xenium CLASSIC Right file with characteristic inflatable lumbar reinforcement: ...

    912 € approx.
    Design + - flex vinyle - Ergonomic Chair

    flex vinyle

    Ergonomic chair

    FLEX seat for ground work You work in a sitting position directly on the ground. This seat allows ...

    Price upon request
    Design + - repose jambe db112 - Ergonomic Chair

    repose jambe db112

    Ergonomic chair

    Leg rest with double inclination total inclination in relation to the upper tilt jack of the leg ...

    490 € approx.
    Design + - xenium duo-back - Ergonomic Chair

    xenium duo-back

    Ergonomic chair

    Ergonomic seat Xenium DUO-BACK DUO-BACK folder system, file in two parts to free the spine from all ...

    1018 € approx.
    Design + - duo-back 114 arthrodèse - Ergonomic Chair

    duo-back 114 arthrodèse

    Ergonomic chair

    Ergonomic seat DUO-BACK 114 arthrodistic Specific seat with cutout on the front of the seat for ...

    1355 € approx.
    Design + - xenium basic classic - Ergonomic Chair

    xenium basic classic

    Ergonomic chair

    Ergonomic seat Xenium BASIC CLASSIC Right file with characteristic inflatable lumbar reinforcement: ...

    765 € approx.
    Design + -  - Ergonomic Chair
    Ergonomic chair
    Price upon request

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