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About Amoriva
Amoriva Co.,Ltd. is an expansion from a successful jewelry trader dated to 1972. From the origin of retail for fine jewelry and precious stone, the group advanced the business into manufacturer of exclusive home décor pieces and exotic jewelries.
At Amoriva, we combine the love of living art with Thai culture crafting and beauty of nature. We have our own in house designer team and crafting team, who are considered one of the bests in the trade. This is how inspirations from nature are developed into sketches, finally into the masterpiece.
Each articulate piece, one of a kind, reflects a preservation of rare natural materials with aesthetic uses. The process involves best selecting of natures before manually crafting one by one into luxury art forms for their sensual and evocative qualities. Some of the collections require weeks and months of design and working time.
Our achievement relies on our superb quality and incomparable designs and, last but not least, honesty to client.

Products of Amoriva

  • AMORIVA - ha0008a(a) - Decorative Vase


    Designer : Amoriva

    Silver crane with natural marine shell in red (approx H22.5cm and W10cm on D11.25cm)

    846 € approx.
  • AMORIVA - ha001(p) - Toothpick Holder


    Designer : Amoriva

    Silver plated porcupine - Tiger Cowry Shell - Size 8.75cm Length and 5cm width

    185 € approx.
  • AMORIVA - ha004(a) - Toothpick Holder


    Designer : Amoriva

    Natural mother of pearl plate with silver deco Globefish (L 20cm)

    565 € approx.