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    Via delle industrie 24
    VMarcon enezia
    T. +39 041 5285563 tel 041 4567140
    F. +39 041 5953098
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    San Marco 1854 Venezia Italy
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    Activité : Manufacturer
    Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica, was founded in a small laboratory on the edgeof the Venice lagoon in 1980 by four brothers and their father's passion for sculpture and bronze. The maturation of many years of experience has led to a leap in quality that has affected the entire creative process and has seen the emergence of new products. Today the company has entered into the great world market, without changing its principles and traditions. The choice was rewarded by offering ample evidence, reflecting the fact that the public knows how to choose and recognize the quality. Our creations are an opportunity for the public to appreciate the relevance of material, which has captivated man for many years. ideal gift but at the same time objects of class for the refined taste of the collector, or desirable for the cultural tourist attraction. All our creations are made from jewelers and projects are small masterpieces of design. The creative process is completely handmade.

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    Products of Bortoletti

    (9 Produits)
    Bortoletti -  - Bookmark

    Not to lose the sign, but to leave it. Essential and original bookmark in Plexiglas and chiseled ...

    Bortoletti - mocenigo - Calligraphy Chest
    Calligraphy chest

    Desk set Mocenigo ideal for learning calligraphy with nib and ink. Opener and magnifying glass in ...

    Bortoletti -  - Fountain Pen

    Calligraphy set composed by glass pen, bottle of calligraphy ink and two vintage dip pen nibs. Pen ...

    Bortoletti - feather pen campiello - Fountain Pen
    Feather Pen ...
    Fountain pen

    Ideal as a gift. Goose quill feather small with bronze decorations, set composed by antique dip pen ...

    Bortoletti -  - Fountain Pen
    Fountain pen

    Letter opener or pen. Writing set, where the pen in bronze decorated, it's also a letter opener. ...

    Bortoletti -  - Letter Cutter

    Materials: Mahogany / Bronze / Glass Crystal Loupe: Diameter lens 45 mm Knots: Blue cotton knots ...

    Bortoletti - landi - Letter Cutter
    Letter cutter

    Handmade pearls, This letter opener is an unique example that comes from a continuous research made ...

    Bortoletti - set seal with bow - Seal
    Set Seal with bow

    Set composed by a Bronze seal with Bow and Extra thin sealing wax sticks marked Bortoletti. To ...


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