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    BIBIB & CO
    Obterrestraat 69
    T. +32 51 50 49 38
    F. +32 51 51 17 39
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    Bibib & Co

    Activité : Manufacturer
    Chandra Bhan & CO revisits the mural decoration of the rooms of our children with its original animal trophies! Cosy and padded fluff that easily attach to the wall. An unusual decoration idea for baby's room, trophies stuffed soft that will ensure on our little darlings throughout the night!The plush is delivered in a very original decoration box!Instead of mood horse, rather strong like the lion, all sweet as fast as the Tiger, white bear, big as the giraffe, quiet as the Zebra or rather has a memory of elephant or both as the momentum?
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    Products of Bibib & Co

    (5 Produits)
    BIBIB & CO -  - Child Trophy

    Dimensions: L 35cm - l 30cm - H 29cm

    Price upon request
    BIBIB & CO - trophée enfant 1229226 - Child Trophy

    trophée enfant 1229226

    Child trophy

    The superb BiBiB and Co collection will show you more than 20 fantastic trophies. In one glance, the ...

    2 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    BIBIB & CO -  - Child Trophy
    Child trophy

    Dimensions: L 48cm - l 18cm - H 33cm

    Price upon request
    BIBIB & CO - peluche 1229228 - Soft Toy

    peluche 1229228

    Our 3 boyfriends nostalgically remind us of our early childhood. For 20 years, they have filled the ...

    2 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    BIBIB & CO - peluche 1229227 - Soft Toy

    peluche 1229227

    Soft toy

    BiBiB and Co presents its plush collection. BUT NOT ordinary stuffed animals. very original stuffed ...

    2 déclinaisons

    Price upon request

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